Needs/Wants: Beautiful Items for the Garden


Why are the things I need always so much less beautiful than the things I want? Now that the flowers are blooming and veggies are established enough we can even start some early harvesting, there are certain practical things I need – but plenty of beautiful things I want…


First, something beautiful AND practical! Last year, we didn’t get a single strawberry because chipmunks, as you may know, are cruel, cruel sadists who like to come into the garden, take one nibble of a just-ripe berry, then leave it to die on the vine. Perhaps these willow cloches will stop them? My biggest concerns are that those wily, tiny evildoers will be able to fit through the weave, and that the willow may block too much sun to allow the strawberries to thrive…

These rose pruning gloves would prevent me from being scratched and stabbed every time I prune or pick a rose. There are lots of gorgeous patterned ones out there but the reviews for those are consistent – beautiful, but not protective enough. I’ll stick with these, which are leather, probably extremely warm and not winning any beauty contests, but are essentially garden armor. Yes, please!

I know that technically being in your 30s doesn’t mean you’re old – but I certainly feel old with an aching back after bending over weeding, pruning, mulching, harvesting, etc. etc. This tool seat for the garden is immensely practical – carry all your stuff, sit your butt down, do your work, don’t look like the hunchback of Notre Dame at the end of the day. Everyone wins!


In the same vein is this garden kneeler. Especially in our fields, there’s plenty of veggie that’s tough to reach while sitting, and this will come in very handy.

We have gorgeous birds on our property. I want to feed them. I don’t want to feed the squirrels and chipmunks. Perhaps this squirrel proof feeder will do the trick.

Now, onto the fun, impractical WANTS …

I have a watering can. These are prettier.

My hoses are boring, generic black or green. These are good-looking enough it might distract me from swearing like a sailor when I’m trying to coil one and it’s not cooperating (typical hose move).

Hunter boots are a classic. I’ve had a pair for a decade and they are in great condition. Too bad they’re such a quality product because they’re boring black and these are amazing orange.

As a rule, I’m opposed to garden décor (when we moved out we jackhammered a four foot high concrete frog, tossed a birdbath, and a garden gnome met his demise – the only survivor of this garden-décor-carnage was a bench that is practical enough I found it acceptable). That said, rules are made to be broken, and this birdhouse looks like a home I’d want to live in! Acceptable garden decoration.

This garden bag is purdy and I want it (also comes in cute black and white). But I can’t sit on it like the garden seat above. Sigh.

I already have garden scissors. But they aren’t as cool as these.


Being of Irish and Eastern European extraction, I burn to a crisp red if even the tiniest bit of skin is exposed to the sun for more than five minutes. Therefore, I have SO MANY wide brimmed hats in my closets. But now I want this one, too.


However, the thing I want the very, very most in my garden, if I could have any wish in the world, is a beautiful, old-growth wisteria. Maybe someday we’ll finish repairs on our guesthouse, I can plant one … wait a few years for it to bloom … and then wait decades for it to get as gorgeous as these. Gardening teaches nothing if not patience!