Cozy Moroccan Daybed Styling

With an old house, you get a lot of small, single-purpose rooms. Upstairs in our house we have two bedrooms, and outside of the bedroom sits this small sitting room. In the 18th century, this would have been used as a third bedroom or the informal living room. It has a fireplace on the same stack as the fireplace in the keeping room, and being upstairs, it would have retained warmth during the day. I decided to make it a cozy dual-purpose room to read with our kids, but have a place for an extra guest to sleep when we have multiple visitors.

I really wanted to find a cool vintage or antique daybed, but when I found this cute walnut mid-century twin bed in our attic and cleaned it up, I knew it was our answer. Nothing is better than free!

To make the twin bed into a daybed did take a little finesse. You want it to sit as low as possible, which means no box spring. I cut wood slats to support a memory foam mattress, which come much thinner than a standard mattress. This one clocks in at 8” thick. I also purchased a toddler rail which I used as support for the back pillow.

The pillows are mix of DIY and budget finds (sources below). I stuck to blue and cream to give the bed a cohesive look, but brought in lots of textures to make things cozy and to keep from being boring.  Given that the kids love rolling around on here, I didn’t want anything too precious, but wanted pillows long and strong enough to make this space comfortable and more like a couch than a bed.

On the DIY front, I sewed the extra-long back pillow, using French linen from this Etsy seller to make a cover. To find a pillow long enough to fill it, I sewed two of these pillows together. It was not exactly a pretty process! Little bits of stuffing everywhere, and I had to hand-sew the covers together then mush everything around to be even. Not my finest moment, but it worked like a charm, since I couldn’t find any pillows 70” long and 19” tall out there!

The dark blue pillow I made from simple navy linen, filled with a body pillow, and embroidered two rows in an X pattern, inspired by Japanese shashiko embroidery.

The side pillows are simple bolsters covered with a striped blue and white fabric from JoAnn’s.

The #1 thing that made this daybed for me was finding a cotton pom-pom Moroccan blanket, sourced from Etsy seller DarBeida. It is soft, and folded in half makes the perfect daybed cover, yet easy to use as a blanket when someone is sleeping on the bed. Plus, it’s much easier to wash than wool, which is a necessary consideration when you’ve got toddlers!

If there’s anything I would do differently, it would be getting a bed with lower rails, such that we could sit closer to the ground with the kids. Despite finding a twin bed with head and footboards the same size left in our attic from the ’50s, it turns out that twin bed frames with identical head and footboards are extraordinarily hard to source! So for now I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth and just enjoying this cozy and practical setup.

Here are the sources!