Fun Fabrics for Kids’ Rooms Adults Will Like Too

Image sourceFabric on ottoman, pillow and blanket ($9.95/yd)

Kids’ rooms give you an excuse to use bold, fun prints you might not get to use elsewhere! These fabrics work not just as bright accents on pillows and diaper changer covers, but also for big statements on curtains, covers or crib skirts! Here’s a roundup of 21 of my favorites…

  1. Josef Frank’s Citrus Garden ($218/yd). Frank is one of the best designers for bright prints that work beautifully for accents in kids’ rooms. All his stuff is gold!
  2. Schumacher’s Aviary Fabric ($78/yd), a cartoonish print with animals that’s very fun to look at! Also comes in a color-accented version for even more impact.
  3. Tigers ($27/yd for upholstery linen).
  4. Queen of Spain ($89/yd).  Comes in lots of colors!
  5. Sweet watercolor whales ($27/yd for upholstery linen).
  6. Owlish black ($140.30). I used this for my daughter’s nursery curtains with blackout fabric on the back. She loves her owls! This comes in cream, blue and pink as well.
  7. Cactus/cacti ($27/yd for upholstery linen).
  8. Birds and butterflies ($88.50/yd).
  9. Sweet peach fabric ($27/yd for upholstery linen).
  10. Blue and white monkeys – cute enough for kids, classy enough for grown-ups ($27/yd for upholstery linen).
  11. Black and white pines ($27/yd for upholstery linen). This is very similar to a blanket my son has. He loves tucking his stuffed animals into their ‘forest bed’ when he gets up in the morning.
  12. Lotus Lake Koi Fabric ($18.40/yd).
  13. Beautiful otomi print that comes in tons of colors! ($27/yd for upholstery linen).
  14. Jelly Bean’ ($64.99/yd). Also comes in blue!
  15. Cute little deer fabric ($27/yd for upholstery linen).
  16. Folkland fabric – a William Morris style print that is kid-friendly! ($44.95/yd).
  17. Indigo dot fabric, comes in lots of colors! ($27/yd for upholstery linen).
  18. Chiang Mai Dragon in alabaster ($176.99/yd). Pricey, but maybe my all-time favorite fabric! I’ve used it for throw pillows, and also for a crib skirt on each of my kids’ cribs. The nice thing about that is when we’re out of ‘crib’ age, I’ll be able to use the fabric to make pillows!
  19. Cole & Son Hummingbirds ($165.20).  This fabric has a beautiful, painterly look. It also comes as a gorgeous wallpaper.
  20. Bees fabric ($27/yd for upholstery linen). About as classy as insects can get!
  21. Zebras Masai ($148.50/yd). You may recognize this one from The Royal Tenenbaums. It’s a classic and comes in blue and yellow as well. When you’re looking for a big, fun statement, this is it!

A fun inspiration image to end with … this nursery uses Josef Frank’s green birds ($290/yd) both on the crib skirt and the accent pillow. A great way to have a pricey fabric make maximum impact with minimal yardage is to use it for multiple accent pieces!