Choosing a Front Door Color

As you may have noticed in my post about restoring the front of the house … we finally chose a new color for our front (and side) doors!

Here’s the front door before (with a couple of little sanded spots removing nasty bubbled paint to prep for new paint):

And the front door after:

Here’s the side door before:

And side door after!

The new color is Farrow & Ball’s Studio Green. Indoors this green would look almost black. But drenched in sun like the doors of this house are, it comes across as a gorgeous deep forest green. I actually prefer the look of the side door the best, which gets less sun.

There were so many layers of paint on here, much like our house! Most recently was orange, red, as well as yellow, and below that it was tough to tell.

Our choices in colors were pretty limited, given that we were keeping our house color. That left us with something high-contrast (another orange or red), or else something complementary. The house color is a beautiful muddy green, Benjamin Moore’s Smoky Ash. We looked at a number of greens, but this one worked so well with the house color.

Ideally, we would have sanded the door down and used the natural wood. That would be most historically accurate (and the most beautiful). But on sanding out the cracks and lumps in the old paint, we discovered that the door was pine, so that wasn’t an option. It could also mean our doors aren’t original to the house, and were replaced at some point, as it was unusual to use pine rather than a stronger wood for a door in the 18th century.

So far, we’re really happy with the color choice!