Foodie Friday: Grilled Green Tomatoes

I never thought I could be so furious at a critter as cute as a chipmunk, but the fact that they ruin almost every single tomato on our vines just before they ripen by taking a single chipmunk-sized bite out of them is teeth-grittingly maddening. Because of these sneaky, teeny, fluffy-tailed monsters, I’ve had to get creative with how we use our tomatoes, which has led me to grilled green tomatoes!

Obviously, we’ve all heard of the Southern deliciousness that is fried green tomatoes (or the movie of the same name at least – Towanda!), but these are quicker, easier and healthier. And yes, while they are missing the classic amazingness that is fried cornmeal, they are surprisingly delicious! Here’s how to do it:

  • Pick your tomatoes before chipmunks ruin, but don’t eat, them (why, chipmunks, why???)
  • Cut tomatoes into rounds about ¾ inch thick (cut so seeds don’t spill out, perpendicular to core, as in photo)
  • Coat tomato rounds with olive oil so they won’t stick to grill
  • Sprinkle tomato rounds with salt and pepper (you can also add paprika, like I did in the photo above, or chopped spicy pepper if you like your food spicy)
  • Grill until you get nice marks on each side, with soft, dark green tomato in between the marks, about 8 minutes a side on medium heat. Note that time to cook depends on level o this depends on level of ripeness)

When done, the tomatoes should be soft all the way through and crispy on the edges from the grill. These are great all by themselves, topping a burger, or with mozzarella and basil in a caprese with a twist.