Foodie Friday: Three New Ways to Use Kale

We have an obscene abundance of kale in the garden this year. You guys, I am so tired of kale. SO TIRED. But, on the plus side, apparently boredom is the mother of invention, because in order to not keep putting my taste buds to sleep I’ve found some creative ways to use up this extremely healthy, fiber-rific, vitamin-packed (blah, blah, blah I’m still planting less kale next year no matter what the internet tells me) veggie.

Here are three different recipes that heavily feature kale, allowing you to get those benefits when another plain old salad makes you sad.

  1. Kale and bean spread (pictured above). Combine about 20 leaves de-stemmed kale in a blender with a 12 oz. can of white beans and three garlic cloves.  Blend until smooth. Salt to taste and spread on bread for an easy lunch. This only gets better as it sits in the fridge.
  2. Sautéed kale with tomato and eggs: De-stem and chop kale fine (how much depends on how many eggs you plan on using, about a cup of chopped kale per egg works well because it cooks down so much). I like to use a Dutch oven. Sautee kale with olive oil until it gets limp and halves in volume. Add a 12 oz. can of plum tomatoes (this amount is about right for 3-4 eggs), break up with spatula while you stir with kale. Add three pressed garlic cloves, salt to taste, stir, let sit until tomatoes begin to simmer, then crack eggs over bubbling mix. Cover until egg whites are cooked and yellows runny (or however you like them – no judgment). Spoon egg with plenty of tomato/kale mix onto plate. Pairs well with toast or rice. Also SUPER good if you like spicy with some fresh cut peppers or crushed red pepper to taste and/or to garnish.
  3. Kale pesto! De-stem about 20 leaves of kale and combine it with either walnuts or pine nuts (I like walnuts because they’re cheaper – just being honest here), and about ¼ lb. of grated parmesan or parmigiano reggiano. Blend until combined. Now you just toss with your favorite pasta and you’ve got protein, veggie and carb in one dish.

Note that all of these recipes are also super good without kale – much like pretty much everything in life. I don’t think anyone ever has been like, “you know what would make this recipe/day/thing better? KALE.” For the tomato and eggs or pesto substitute basil, and the spread is great leaving a green out altogether!