Adding Year-Round Color to our Kitchen Garden with Junipers

Last weekend we did a quick project after stumbling upon these beautiful blue arrow junipers. We’ve been discussing ways to add both year-round color and a little more structure to our gardens. We’d considered planting and shaping boxwoods, yew or juniper by the entry posts to the kitchen garden, but on seeing the beautiful silver-blue of these junipers, we pulled the trigger.

We can keep these at this height by staying on top of trimming a couple of times a year. One nice thing about this type of juniper is that it will largely keep its narrow, vertical cone shape with little maintenance – it’s just the way they grow.

Here’s a couple of shots that I dug up from last fall to show how nice it will be when there’s a little more green here.

Obviously, lots of cute kids (and that’s my dog-in-law!), but not a lot of color in the garden.

Plenty of color on the trees in our forests at least! One of the best things about New England.

Here’s how the garden looks in winter – beautiful sunset, but the garden is pretty bleak!

Now the question is if we add another pair by the stairs that descend to the backyard, here:

It’s a logical symmetry on opposite sides of the house, but I think we may wait and see how easy these are to maintain and how well they do before purchasing and planting another pair. Come spring we’ll see!