Ideas for Decorating Our Long, Narrow Living Room (Part II)

Remember Monday, when I whined about how my living room is where all the furniture I don’t know what to do with has ended up, and how it’s crazy I haven’t done anything with this room yet? Well, your (two days) of patience has paid off, because here are some of my ideas of how to address the many issues in this room and make the room look cozy and … good.

As a reminder, here is what the room looks like now:

I have a couple of decisions made, which are that I want to re-upholster the spool chairs in a neutral cream fabric. I plan on using stain-resistant Crypton in an attempt to give white chairs longer life, and also will be asking my upholsterer to be sure that the cushion covers are removable for easy spot-cleaning and washing. Additionally, I would like wood side tables, ideally either walnut or tiger maple.

Here is what I’m thinking in terms of options…


Couchwhite paint, blue paintspool chairsvintage rug, antique coffee table, pink pillow fabric, side tables.

Pink would look very good in this room. A light pink acts as a neutral, and I always appreciate the combination of blue, white, pink and wood.

Here is another approach…


Couchwhite paint, blue paintspool chairs, plaid rug, burl coffee table, pink pillow fabric, side tables.

I love how punchy the plaid looks in this combination, as well as the light wood color of the coffee table. This is probably my favorite option, and yet … I have doubts. Is the burl coffee table too ‘Hollywood Regency’ for an antique home? Will I be able to find a longer, yet reasonably priced, plaid rug?  This one is great, but it’s only 8’x10′, which is really too small for my space.

Next we have a cleaner, lighter option…


Couchwhite paint, blue paintspool chairs, vintage white kilim rug, pouf coffee tables, pink pillow fabric, side tables.

Here, you still get the pop of color with the pink pillows, but the overall effect is very calming with the vintage white kilim rug and simple blue plaid poufs used as ottomans/coffee tables. I like that the rug is a size that would work and have nice texture, and the ottomans’ price, and especially how PERFECT their measurements are for me, can’t be beat. BUT, we have a white woven cowhide rug under our dining table in the same room, and I worry that this room would just have too much ‘white.’ Not only is that boring, but I also have toddlers, so it’s not exactly a realistic way to live. Ultimately, it’s tough to mix much of rug pattern under poufs this bold.

One alternative would be…


Couchwhite paint, blue paintspool chairs, vintage striped kilim rugantique coffee tablepink pillow fabric, cube side tables.

In this option, there’s more interest with the rug having simple stripes. I also switched out the side tables with more block-sized ones for toddler friendliness. I love the turned style used above the most, but do worry it would be tippy with a two and four year old running around.

And next …


Couchwhite paint, blue paintspool chairsvintage rugstool coffee tablesHmong striped pillows, cube side tables.

I think this option is my least favorite.  Here, I attempted to add some interest with stripes. These striped stools are great, but I just don’t like them in this room. I really like these pillows, though! A little more subtle infusion of pink, and great with the rug.

And finally…


Couchwhite paint, blue paintspool chairs, vintage striped kilim rug, leather coffee ottoman, vintage brass tray, blue pillows, side tables.

Another one of my favorites! It’s practical in that an ottoman would be so nice to be able to put our feet up on from either the couch OR the spool chairs. It would also be great during parties, providing more seating. The rug is white, but not uniformly so with the light pink stripes. And my favorite side tables are back (although, yeah, I worry about kiddos knocking over something like this and may have to skew more practical). The main thing is that the ottoman is upholstered in leather, not fabric. This, I think, is a great way to be sure that there isn’t just a bunch of upholstered items in this room, maintain clean lines, but still be comfy. I’d certainly want to see some leather samples in the space! More of a golden color might look even better here.

Well, I finally feel like I’m making progress in this room in that at last I’ve find some options I like. You can’t go wrong with blue, pink, white and wood! Which option is your favorite?