Foodie Friday: French Press Coffee

French press is far and away my favorite way to prepare coffee at home. Given that I’ve broken the glass insert to my current French press three times in the last eight months, today I found myself in the market for a new press! Here is a roundup of the options I considered…

  1. Stainless insulated, dishwasher safe French Press, $27.50
  2. Wood and brass, $16
  3. Gray glass, $85
  4. Black modern, $32.99
  5. Walnut and stainless, $30.39
  6. Brass and Glass, $15.99
  7. Stainless and glass, $27.50
  8. Copper classic Bodum, $39.84
  9. Black ceramic, $120

How do I make my perfect cup of coffee? I take four tablespoons of ground coffee (if you don’t have a grinder, this burr grinder is ideal) in a 1-liter French press, and set a timer for five minutes. I have this electric kettle, which I heat to 200 degrees.

You have to experiment with the burr grinder to get the consistency that makes a cup that you like. I find that I get no bitterness but lots of rich flavor when the grounds are large but flaky.

And the winner for me? This guy:

Why? Well, for one, I’m tired of paying for replacement glass every time I break my glass insert (which is really frequently – I’m not sure why since I don’t break anything else in the kitchen). Also, in the morning I always seem to end up having one cup before running out of the house, and then by the time I get back home my coffee is cold. Maybe this insulated press will help? We’ll see!