Modern Art in Antique Spaces: Part II

As promised last Monday, I’m back to share the modern paintings I’m obsessing over (and that I think would look amazing in a traditional or antique home)!

While these pieces fit in to a range of budgets, “budget” is a bizarre thing when it comes to art. Depending on what you’re looking for, your taste, your style, you can find $10 thrift store art you enjoy, but you can also come across something you think would be inexpensive and be staring at a six figure price tag … so be warned, some are pricey, some are less so. But I love the idea of supporting smaller artists, and creativity certainly deserves compensation.  These paintings are also in a range of different sizes. I love a large painting!

First, some beautiful portraits …

  1. J.S. # 02, Paolo Damiani, $2,850
  2. LM-4, Oscar Alvarez, $610
  3. Portrait work untitled, Tomoya N, $630
  4. Look 43, Beatriz Mendonça de Castilho, $395
  5.  Shadow, Nadiia Gorbatova, $1,290
  6. Hollander, $4,000
  7. white line face, Ezzaldin Shahrori, $495
  8. Hectic Flower Dress, János Huszti, $1,540

Next, some abstracts I’m loving …

  1. Immaculate Conception, Mandy Racine, $560
  2. Pocketful of Wry, Patty Beaton, $1,960
  3.  Color Space Series 37: Hot Pink, Acid Green, Jessica Poundstone, $100
  4. Bernard Segal, $1,950
  5. Sitting Woman, János Huszti, $1,440
  6. Blue Womb, Ellen Reinkraut, $1,296
  7. Kimberly Moore, $425

And finally, a few modern items with an antique twist that would fit incredibly well in an older home, or those with traditional décor!

  1. UNTITLED Portrait work (George Washington), Tomoya N, $1,300
  2. Detail Ripple Two, Scott Curtis, $3,870
  3. Fracture Portrait V, Scott Curtis, $4,370
  4. Albert de broglie 13 (ingres), Karin Vermeer, $2,250
  5. Emma, Josh Young, $350
  6. Drawing # 33 (Study for a painting), Paolo Damiani, $710

As you’ll note, I’m pretty into Saatchi Art right now as a source. They have a lot of beautiful original art in a range of sizes and prices, all very searchable by type, colors, size and cost. This makes it easy to narrow down the huge selection out there!

What are your favorites?