Antique Meets Modern: Inspiration from Nantucket by Roman and Williams


Greydon House in Nantucket has hands-down amazing design, incorporating antiques, vintage pieces and nautical nods that come together in a modern way.

Designed by New York firm Roman and Williams, this hotel is one of the best examples I’ve seen of a modern take on antique New England style! I’ve eaten at the restaurant or had drinks at the bar (above) a few times now when in Nantucket, and each time the surroundings totally blow me away.  I mean, the cover photo is clearly super staged with all the food on the bar, but even in real life the whole place looks like it could double as the background for a Vermeer painting, so the whole ‘still life’ theme is actually pretty fitting!


I wish the Greydon House site had photos of their restaurant bathrooms! Brass-legged marble-topped sinks with unlacquered faucets, next to antique chinoiserie shelving, with beautiful woodwork and chinoiserie wallpaper. They aren’t messing around. Next time I’m there I’ll have to take photos!  They’ve done an excellent job of combining styles and fabrics from different parts of the world and different eras to give the feel of being in a well-traveled New England ship captain’s home.

This gallery wall of shadowbox ship models and embroidery could look hokey, but is beautiful in this space with its dark, moody colors:

In fact, the common areas really maximize the use of dark colors:

This saturated gray-blue on the lovely woodwork is also stunning (and I love the light fixtures):


I haven’t stayed at Greydon House, but they have some great peeks into the rooms on their site. They wisely seem to have made the guest rooms light and bright in contrast to the common areas. This is beautiful:


I love the black and white linens with the sculptural black headboard!  Note how the fixtures and woodwork tie into the common spaces…

The black and white scheme paired with organic materials is very much like my own guest room … except I’m still searching for the perfect rug and case piece for my room. The organic look of the chairs really adds texture, and call back to all the woven chairs downstairs.

This is the registration desk:


This space is actually incredibly small – it’s hard to tell from the photo, but when you come in the entrance to the hotel, you’re pretty much on top of this desk!  The combination of dark wood, patterned wallpaper and the classic runner really works in person though, giving a homey but grand feeling.

As someone who alternates between wanting a completely bare, minimalist, Shaker-style home and wanting ALL THE THINGS and just going full maximalist, Greydon House scores one for moody maximalism!