Traditional Gifts for the Home (With an Edge!)

I’ve noticed so many classic, tactile gift possibilities for the home available this year. As a big fan of giving useful items for Christmas (food is probably my #1 favorite gift to give!), it’s so nice to find things anyone would use, but that are a twist on your average find. Here’s a few of my favorites …

The mugs above ($50) are gorgeous. I really appreciate how rough-hewn they are – you can see how the clay was cut and worked!

I love the simplicity of these cutting boards, which combine beautiful materials with a more modern, angular shape ($85+).

In New England, you can never have enough blankets, and in a house like ours, quilts always fit right in. This one ($575) is a larger size than you normally see in an updated style, and would nicely fit a full-size bed.

Beautiful wood serving bowls (set of two for $150) add a warm touch.

Yes, it may be a little odd to give someone bedding, but I have a set of these linen sheets ($279+), and love them. I have crazy sensitive skin, and these have never irritated me, and are even downright comfortable!

Beautiful French soaps ($7.50) are always welcome and useful! For those of us who appreciate a combination of good value and eliminating waste, soaps like these are a win-win. They last forever by a sink and don’t result in an empty plastic bottle like liquid soap.  Plus, this gorgeous square shape provides a cool look …

And a simple square soap dish ($7) to go with it!