Foodie Friday: Tea Time! In Search of the Perfect Teapot


I’m a tea addict in winter, primarily because I apparently lack the ability to create my own body heat, reptile-style.

I’m also in the market for a new teapot, because despite the great reviews my current teapot has on Amazon, it spills absolutely everywhere every time you try to pour it. I’d love something practical that has a built-in infuser for loose tea and keeps the tea warmer longer!

With those parameters, I also want something beautiful, like the gorgeous, museum-worthy and museum-priced piece in the cover image (a girl can dream) which has led me to some great possibilities …

  1. Blue Willow teapot, $19.69, a beautiful little pot in one of my all-time favorite patterns.  Plus, I’ve recently purchased a whole bunch of vintage Blue Willow at auction, which would mean it would match.  Yay!
  2. Tom Dixon Form teapot, $120, brassy and beautiful with Art Deco influence.  Not sure if the material and the open top would make the tea cool off to quickly, but given that this is available in this smaller size and would be therefore quick to drink that may not matter.
  3. Marimekko red teapot, $115, bright with a lovely wood handle, and the ceramic material would be sure to keep tea warm.
  4. A minimalist white and wood teapot, $45.99, clean and pretty, and looks like it would have a nice pour.
  5. Vintage metal teapot, $35, efficient, beautiful and vintage!
  6. A glass and wood teapot, $24.90, a great material to see how much tea you’ve got left!
  7. Glass and brass teapot, $24.99, cute and inexpensive!  As with the prior glass pot, great to see how much is left (though I’m concerned if it would cool off too quickly).
  8. Royal Copenhagen Elements teapot, 169 Euro, included here because this is the china we have, which I adore.  Dish washable, and an update of a pattern that’s been around for more than a hundred years.  I’m concerned the stumpy spout might leak, since my current pot has a stumpy spout that drips.  But I love the shape!  If only it were available in the USA … maybe soon!
  9. Vacuum tea jug, $138, the ultimate in cool practicality.  Not exactly the most budget item on the list, but this would hold lots of tea and keep it nice and warm as I get distracted around the house.  This may be my front runner!  I think I’d use it more than any of the others.
  10. Vintage white ceramic with bamboo handle teapot, $55, a lovely sculptural shape, and a practical material.

My leading candidates are #1, #2, #8 and #9.  Blue Willow and Royal Copenhagen would match seamlessly with things I already have, the Tom Dixon brass is just so gorgeous I’d be happy to have it out on our open shelving, and the vacuum tea jug is both beautiful and practical.