(Weird) Winter Property Tour

So, yeah, it’s been a strange winter here in New England. No snow where we are, but for a few flurries. It was 60 degrees last week! Maybe this is the new normal, but it seems very bizarre to me. One nice thing is that all the rain we’ve been getting has created a beautiful muted green landscape around our property …

On the stone patio outside our front door is this gorgeous moss, still growing strong and bright green.

And heading out the front walk is this beautiful view of our pasture.  It’s amazing how much green there still is on the ground, and the reds of the dead grasses make it really striking on the drizzly day I took this walk!

Here’s a view of the barn and guesthouse from the pasture.  The cedar shingles, rock walls and tree trunks are all the same color in this weather …

Some bad news in the pasture, which is that my garlic started sprouting.  With all the warm days we’ve been having it must think it is Spring.  This is … not great.  It may even mean that I don’t get any garlic this year.  Maybe I need to re-plant? Maybe I need to wait until it gets even cooler?

Another crazy thing is despite the fact that the ground has frozen and thawed about 10 times, the kale is still keeping on.  I tried it the other day and it is on its last legs – floppy, etc.  But I’m super impressed it’s still standing tall!

A view of the riding ring:

I love this granite outcropping.  You can only see it well this time of year when the growth has died back …

Here’s our mown path through the pasture, still green!

Here’s what it looked like over the Summer in the same spot:

Some more bad news near our pasture is this white pine that keeps getting closer and closer to the electrical lines that run to our house.  I had the electrical company by and they said they wouldn’t remove the tree, but they will repair the lines WHEN it falls.  Great policy, makes total sense.  Why prevent problems when you can wait for emergencies and fires must be their philosophy … So now we’re looking into getting this bad boy removed ourselves.

In our front pasture, our lake is partly frozen yet still has plants growing out of it …

We recently removed the blackberry brambles we had along this wall.  Unfortunately they had some kind of blight that kept them from making any fruit.  Blackberry plants with no fruit = a hazard.  I have to say, it’s really nice to have this wall all cleaned up!  It looks like it’s always been this way.

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo taken from this side of the wall during the summer, but I did dig up this GLORIOUS photo from the exact opposite side, where you can see the brambles sticking up and generally overtaking the wall and trying to spike everything and everyone.  This photo of a foggy post-rain July day makes me miss summer … I much prefer summer rain to winter rain!

So much beautiful mossiness all around the property.

And I’m such a sucker for these colors.  I wish I could turn these lichens into paint colors to use at the house …

Finally, our back gardens.  These Acapulco chairs are on my top-10 list of all-time favorite pieces of furniture I’ve owned.  If I had a place for them indoors, they’d move inside during the winter.  This is the rocking chair version.  Poor little chairs! So neglected off-season…

Hope you enjoyed this tour of the property during these strange winter days!