Before and After: Winter Mulching in the Garden

We got a little lucky with how unseasonably warm this winter has been – I was very late with mulching to repress weeds in our kitchen garden come spring, but now the job is done!

Above is a nice view of the mulch down around our raised beds on the walkways, and here is what it looked like before:

A view of the middle of the garden before (ugh):

And after!

Finally, here is the other half of the garden, which is our rose garden, peony and flowerbeds before:

And after!

I’m very, very happy this got done because the weeds and especially the grasses were completely taking over the kitchen garden walkways this past summer, like so:

That’s what we get for being surrounded by grassy pastures! The timing is also good because I was still able to see where the decorative perennials come up around the walkways and next to the beds, since they haven’t been covered in snow or died back completely yet.

Fingers crossed this helps repress weeds and grasses come Spring, though of course we will be mulching again once everything thaws to be sure.