Before and After: New Copper Standing Seam Roofs

Unfortunately we’ve been dealing with some roof leaks. Fortunately, we took the opportunity to fix a couple of those issues with beautiful copper standing seam roofing!

These overhangs all sit at the main entrance to the house, through our garden. They are very visible when you’re driving up the driveway, and they were … not looking so good. Each was cedar shingled, like our roof. This is fine, but we’d sprung a leak over the bay window, and shingles were coming loose over the garden shed and front door. So, we decided to replace it all with much longer-lasting and prettier copper!

Here is the bay window before:

And after!

Here’s a view of the garden shed overhang and front door roof (as well as the in-progress work on the siding of the house!) – a photo that makes me miss spring very, very much:

And after!

Overall it’s aging nicely, and I think will look even better when the weather warms up and we’re able to paint the orange doors the same dark green as the side door you can see here:

Here’s what this view looked like before:

The green is a great change and will look amazing on our rolling garden shed door and front door with their new copper overhangs.

We’ve had so many projects getting done lately that are high-impact for life, but that don’t have nice before and afters (like installing AC, fixing plumbing, having trash removed from our crawl space), so it’s extra satisfying to have something done that is so visible and pretty!