Winter (Finally) Comes to New England …

… for at least a little while, anyway, because it’s forecast to be 50 degrees on Thursday.  But, in the meantime, let’s enjoy these photos of our iced-in property I took on Monday, risking pinkies and toes in the 2 degree weather (-10 degrees in the whistling wind).

We shoveled our front walk while it was still snowing, which turned out to maybe not be such a good idea since it later poured rain, then froze solid over night.  Now we’ve got 4″ deep ice on our path in some spots:

There is ice on all of our trees and bushes, though luckily (so far) we haven’t had any huge trees topple like we did last year. On this cedar, the ice looks like small white berries:

If you can stand to be outside, it’s really beautiful.

We will be keeping a close eye on how the new roof sections hold up.  So far, so good!

Oh, hello, Narnia:

Generally, the ice is pretty gorgeous all around, complemented by beautiful moody New England light!

Hope you’re staying warm, wherever you are…