DIY: Toddler Piggy Party

My daughter recently turned three, and informed me she wanted a “pig party.” News to me, since I didn’t even know she liked pigs, but apparently because they are pink and like mud, she and the pigs have a lot of interests in common. So I did a couple quick DIYs, because it turns out that the ‘child’s pig birthday party’ market is pretty darn dominated by Peppa Pig, who my toddler informed me is not a real pig, because she wears clothes. Lesson learned …

First up were the favors, above. I found the stuffed pigs here, and also added a book. A stuffed animal and a book is kind of my go-to party favor, because those are things kids of all ages like rather than things they like for five minutes then try to choke on.

Being a pig party, I added books from Mo Willems, who writes the Elephant & Piggie series. They’re very cute, and he’s a local author, which makes me happy, too!

I also made these pig lanterns, out of these lanterns, these googly eyes and cut paper. Easy peasy – but a lot more materials left over than I’d like …

I found this pig balloon and some confetti balloons. A week later, this mylar piggy is still going strong.

One thing that you may notice is that the party is not in my house. No, I don’t have the magenta cinder blocks you can see in the background as home decor, believe it or not. Before I was a parent I didn’t know this, but there are all kinds of kid party venues that allow you to host a bunch of toddlers somewhere that is NOT your house, which is very welcome. A party for a one year old? Not so bad at your house, because basically it’s just your friends since a baby doesn’t have friends. But by the time they are 3? You’re crazy if you have a mid-winter birthday party with over a dozen toddlers in your own home.

This is why we’re off to our local Y (where we had our party), or places with names like KidzZone and My Place what feels like every weekend for a birthday party. It’s also why there are nothing but inspiration for baby birthday parties with nice settings in people’s homes, but not so much for the toddlers, unless you have outdoor parties (folks in LA, for example, who can be pretty darn confident it’s not going to snow or rain on their kid’s birthday). But it’s rough out there for a pretty setting for winter-born New England toddlers. I’ll trade less pretty pictures for not having toddlers tear my house apart any day!

My mother in law made these incredible cupcakes! The snout is a marshmallow with peanut butter chips in it, the ears are pink wafer cookies cut into triangles, and the eyes are mini chocolate chips. She really killed it – the kids took longer to eat dessert than any time I’ve ever witnessed because they didn’t want to destroy the cute pig faces.

It was a lot of fun (for the kids, adults can only spend ten minutes watching children in a bouncy house before it gets a little dull, let’s be honest), and my daughter had such a good time she keeps insisting that every day is her birthday, and it’s time to eat more cake. Nice try, little one!