Foodie Friday: Silicone Spatulas Taste Bad (A Kitchen Mystery)

For once, Google has failed me. I’ve been noticing that when I taste test something using my silicone ‘soup style’ spatulas, there is a gross, chemical-y taste. Has anyone else had this happen?

Literally the only thing I can find online that seems like what I’m experiencing is this random little chat thread from way back in 2009.

Before you say I have a cheapie spatula, yes, I do have a couple, and yes, they also have this problem, but so does my fancy-pants spatula set from Williams Sonoma.

I don’t notice that the spatulas change the taste of food, but when I’m stirring or scraping something hot, spoon some up on one of these silicone spatulas, and taste it, there is a decidedly disgusting and unnatural taste that makes it literally impossible to tell what my food tastes like. Honestly, it’s taken me completely aback, because if the material tastes like this when I’m cooking, how is it not leaching nastiness into my food?

The FDA says it’s safe, but Scientific American says there’s been little actual research done.

I’m a little cautious on the cooking products front, because there’s so much conflicting information out there, all from legit sources, and generally speaking not all that much research done. Between the potential hazards of Teflon, the back and forth on BPA in plastic, melamine issues, etc., etc. it’s hard to know what’s safe.

BUT what I do know is that my silicone spatulas taste disgusting when heated, so I’m figuring out alternatives.

First up is this guy!


Made of stainless steel, I have an older (like I’ve had it for 15 years older) model of this that I LOVE. I’m going to get another one because I’m inevitably washing it several times when I cook. It’s great in my cast iron skillet.

Now for enameled pans, like a Le Cruset, you can’t use a metal spatula. Olive wood is super strong, not to mention beautiful, and this guy has pretty great reviews:

Maybe I’ll give it a try! I have some older wood spoons I sometimes use in enamel cookware and they do okay, but honestly I haven’t taken good care of them (I never oil them, really), so it’s probably time for a replacement anyway.

Next time you’re cooking taste your hot food on the spatula you’ve been using to cook with and PLEASE tell me I’m not crazy …