Design Inspiration: Edson Hill in Stowe, Vermont

I just got back from a long weekend in Vermont, and once again stayed at a great inn, Edson Hill. Originally a 19th century farmhouse, it was converted into an inn then re-done in 2014. It is crazy cozy, homey and beautiful farmhouse with wonderful design (by Boston-based firm Gauthier-Stacy).

My psyche is in a constant battle between whether I should surround myself with maximalist cuddliness, or minimalist zen. The design at Edson Hill definitely appeals to my ‘maximalist’ tendencies! It’s all about coziness, different textures and making the most of the bones of the place.  I love this bed in one of the guest rooms …


My favorite thing about this inn is that it’s luxurious, but still kid-friendly. They have a number of rooms with twin daybeds that have trundles, so you can fit two kids each in their own twin bed. You can see one of these trundle/daybeds on the left in the photo below (under the gorgeous-in-person block printed blue and white fabric wallpaper!)

Not to say all the décor is kid friendly! As per usual in literally every hotel, you’ve got to get heavy tippy side tables hidden away… but they do look good for the non-toddler set.  Their wallpaper game is strong.  Check out this lovely stripe combined with a black four poster:


There are eight rooms in the main manor house, which is where we’ve always stayed.  Here it is looking pretty in the snow:

This is mainly because we have the kids.  We can put them to bed with a monitor, and then go down to the restaurant or bar to eat, or hang out in the lobby without disturbing them – all while having our monitor’s video feed. Kind of like staying in your own super fancy house.

There are also guest houses like the above that sit detached from the manor house that are good for bigger groups or families with older kids because they have multiple bedrooms.

The restaurant is incredible, and both the main dining room and the bar are gorgeous. Both are in the manor house. I’m a huge fan of branches used in décor, so much so that I regularly dragged in branches off the street and into our Boston apartment after a storm to satisfy my crafty ambitions. I have to admit the shine has worn off now that I live in the countryside and have to work hard to get rid of fallen branches, but this branch fixture is beautiful above the huge table in the dining room’s center!

The views out this light and bright dining room are lovely.  Above shows the view in summer.

And the bar (above and in the cover image) is so cozy with its fireplace, chesterfield sofa, dark colors and classic New England style. There’s a fire pit right outside the bar where you can hang out on Spring-skiing weather days, and they have games by the fireplace that anyone can play.

Here’s their Nordic center (they have lovely trails around the property if you’re into snowshoeing or cross country), and it’s actually super cozy inside. And has extra Vermont charm on the outside.

The lobby features a huge fireplace, beni ourain rugs, and eclectic furniture that somehow all works together, from the classic wingbacks to the tiger-print upholstered French Louis side chairs.

They have some cool painted floors throughout, and the room styling is really soothing and cozy. Lots of guest rooms have fireplaces!

Some of the most beautiful spaces I can’t find photos of. I should know by now that when I find a dynamite powder room I should take photos, because they’re never on a web site (probably because small powder rooms are so hard to photograph). Designers tend to take bigger risks in these smaller spaces, and Edson Hill’s restaurant bathroom is no exception – painted floors (in a cube M.C. Escher like design that’s dynamite), a blend of taupes and wood, and crazy tiny mounted antlers everywhere. Very fun.

And design aside, the staff is really great! Super helpful, nice, everything you’d want when you’re paying luxury prices. The ski mountain is right around the corner (priority #1 for me).

I’ve never been there anytime but winter, but the grounds look pretty dynamite any time of year! Like I don’t know if you know this, but Vermont is kind of slightly amazing in the fall?

Plus, HORSES! We fed them carrots, my kids were terrified, it was great.

FYI, photos are from Edson Hill’s lovely Instagram feed unless otherwise noted.