Craigslist Finds Around Boston

Mostly, Craigslist, and I say this as someone who loves (some may say is obsessed with) it, is a big fat waste of time. Occasionally, though, you search and there are so many good things. Since lately I’ve been finding some real gems, I’d thought I’d post these so that someone local can snap them up!

Apologies in advance for crummy pictures.  That is part of the charm (?) of Craigslist!

At $700 the antique scrubbed pine dresser above ain’t cheap, but it would be triple that price at any antique store worth its salt, because it is beautiful.  Such pretty angles and detailing!

Check out this beautiful beast of an antique butcher block:

Most of these antique butcher blocks go for around this price (not cheap at $1,200), but unlike this one are horribly worn. Check out this $3,800 butcher block from 1stdibs as a comparison!

This guy looks pretty pristine, and I love the bolts that hold it together – a great detail. It would look amazing integrated into a kitchen island, or acting as the entire kitchen island for the right sized kitchen …

This vintage porcelain sink would be an amazing option for the right bathroom:

It’s 42” long, which is pretty incredible. I get a little nervous that the sink itself is only 3 inches deep, but if you could find a vintage dresser to put it on, it would be a unique vanity top. And for $75, the price is right!

This Art Deco bedroom set has been sitting on Craigslist (for $900) for a while:

That is a lot of curvy, unique, vintage gorgeousness!   I love the bed especially. In the right space – amazing.

Basically, this 1950s aluminum trunk is one that Restoration Hardware is endlessly ripping off, except this one only costs $120 and is the genuine article:

It would make a great coffee table for a low couch at 30” long and 14” high.

I know the faux bamboo trend hit hard the last few years, but I’m still very into it:

I refinished a couple nightstands from this same Bali Hai Henry Link line a few years back and the stripped hardware is a gorgeous brass – they paint up pretty easy, considering how miserable I find painting furniture. For $150 this guy is a steal for someone who needs some extra storage and loves this stuff as much as I do.

Speaking of bamboo …

Only $20 for this cute pair of side tables!

Since this dresser has a cracked top, $600 seems a little steep:

But such gorgeous wood. Maybe a flame mahogany veneer, beautifully book matched? Seller might be open to negotiation given that the top should be replaced altogether. It’s also hard to tell the condition of veneer (not just here, but everywhere online), so you’d have to check that out in person! Could be an amazing piece, though.

And I just had to post this one …

Someone is selling an entire butler’s pantry for $2k! The photos are terrible, but gorgeous latches, insane sink, and original cabinetry from Chestnut Hill (a tony Boston neighborhood):

Clearly a niche item – but so cool.  I can’t believe someone tore these out of their home.  I adore the shape and copper finish of this sink (though looks like counters need work):

The hardware and style of the cabinets is so ‘in’ right now, and of course it was all custom fit for the space… someone please rescue this abandoned pantry!

Also for very ‘specific’ tastes (but I couldn’t resist!) is the ultimate in Halloween décor …

These crypt rubbings are 40” tall. That is almost three and a half feet, people, $25 each. My hands-down favorite thing about this listing is that these are described as “Creept” rubbings. WHY are crypts not called creepts??? This is a much better spelling, by far, because it is both punny and descriptive. And these bad boys are the creepiest of the creepts.  Get your very own creepts now, and be ready for Halloween!