Design Inspiration: Heidi Caillier Design

In my endless searching for kitchens I love I stumbled across Seattle-based designer Heidi Caillier. Her moody colors, use of bold color and range of style is really inspiring!

One of my favorite parts of her portfolio is this amazing cabin.

I love all the black, wood and brass. And the plaid furniture is on point! If I ever get my dream a-frame I hope I’ll be brave enough to be this bold.

And more bold colors in dark greens and purple plaid (!)

She also does fantastic built ins, like this amazing couch.

I love this walnut desk as well.

Here’s a traditional style dining room, with an amazing wallpapered ceiling in a navy grasscloth that mirrors the blue rug under the table. Finally, someone who uses rugs!

And the kitchens.

I’m completely in love with the brass hardware she uses in these, and think I’m going to use the same in my kitchen! I’m pretty sure it’s these pulls and these knobs each in unlacquered brass from Rejuvenation.

The brass and gray is such a beautiful combo.

These wall cabinets remind me of those by Plain English in the UK. The detailing and simplicity is really beautiful.

Love this peek of granny-chic wallpaper looking into the teal kitchen.

And if you want bold colors in your furniture, she’s got that, too!

This dark green Eames chair combined with a pink lamp? Yes, please.

A bright pink upholstered chair with a pattern I love.

And purple Windsor chairs paired with a hunter green buffet? Really different.

The bathrooms are killer, too.

I love this nautical-looking room in a bright green.  Plus I’m such a sucker for paneling.

And in a completely different style is this traditional clawfoot with a gorgeous linen curtain.

Then there’s this clean and modern bath that uses a beautiful green-gray.

This looks like it might have been a dresser repurposed as a vanity. I love its mossy green color combined with the gray wall paneling.

Just so creative and fun! So many mixed patterns and colors make even the rooms with clean lines and mid-century furniture look cozy, which I love.

Check out more of her portfolio, because there’s lots more where this came from…