Problem Solving Drainage and Hardscaping

I’m very excited because we’ve started working with a landscape designer to solve some of our persistent problems around the property! While I’m pretty confident with interiors, when it comes to the outdoors I know how to grow food and flowers, but nothing about drainage, yards and hardscapes.

One of the issues that has gotten worse in the last couple years is that our home is on a hill, and water runs down toward the house and doesn’t properly drain. We have a French drain (which is basically a long drain flush with the ground) in front of our garage that takes water away from the house, but it doesn’t keep water from flowing into our garden.

As you can see, it can get a little crazy in here when it rains hard. These photos are from a deluge last week and give you an idea of what we’re dealing with.

This means we’re trying to figure out how and where water flows down the hill, and where to pinch it off before it gets into the garden area.

One of the reasons this has also become an issue is because our brick paths have gotten very cupped over time, such that water collects on the paths, as you can see above.

While this all drains quickly, it’s not ideal, especially in the winter when it freezes into a crazy sheet of ice if we shovel, snow melts, and then re-freezes. And believe it or not this snow-partially melt-refreeze happens a lot in New England, because the weather here is all over the place.  However, it gives me the excuse to not shovel the path, so that’s nice.

I’m very excited to see what the designer comes up with to help with this! Also very nervous because moving bricks and re-leveling sounds pricey. That said, it’s not like the situation is getting any better, and the worse it gets the harder it will be to live with and to deal with down the line …