Foodie Friday: Dying Brown Eggs

Given that we are swimming in fresh eggs, I wasn’t about to buy white eggs just to have something for my kids to dye for Easter! I bought a few different products that I thought might work to dye brown and blue eggs.

First, I tried a marbling kit. No dice – just an oily mess with hardly any color.

BUT, there was a big winner, which was the Paas brown egg kit.

It created these vibrant eggs:

The instructions were incredibly easy, just the same as every kit you’ve ever used.  BUT a word of advice, avoid the glitter that comes with this kit! Why anyone who has toddlers ever uses glitter is a mystery to me, but using it on eggs is next level crazy. First, it makes a giant mess. Second, if you want to actually eat the eggs it is near impossible because you get glitter in them and have to keep rinsing and rinsing and picking off random glitter pieces. Rant over.

My favorite thing about these eggs is that they came out very intense, which is a fun change from standard pastels!  Also made the egg hunt easier because my kids were able to spot these super bright eggs much more easily.  And now, we’ve got a couple dozen hardboiled eggs to eat…