Outdoor Inspiration: An Antique Home with Gorgeous Gardens

This weekend I found (via Instagram) this beautiful antique house for sale in Essex, MA. It is chock full of garden and landscaping inspiration!

Obviously this home has a killer spot, right by a lake with views for miles. But they’ve really taken advantage of the site by combining old and new, formal and informal.

For example, the paths around the house look extremely rustic (and even overgrown like this front path), but the lawn and plantings are well-groomed and formal, which gives such a pretty result.

How amazing are the diamond pane windows on this place? It was built in 1684, so pre-dates my house by almost 50 years!

The interiors are beautifully preserved (and/or restored) with the exception of the kitchen and baths, which is pretty common to see given there weren’t kitchens or baths originally in homes this old.

This barn is gorgeous!  You frequently see a barn attached to an antique home like this, and it has been done very well here.  The stone foundation on the barn is really lovely.

I wish I could just order up some trees full grown up the side of my house like this. If they were wisteria vines, even better!

Finally, a patio attached to an antique home I actually like that’s flat enough you can set chairs on. And obviously the view doesn’t hurt either …

Normally I hate man-made ‘accents’ in a garden, but these whimsical frames I actually like. I wonder if there’s something similar I could do that would actually be useful – maybe to have snap peas climb or something?

Normally drone photos in real estate listings drive me crazy because they exaggerate the views while simultaneously not giving enough detail – but I have to admit I’m grateful for the drone shots here!  The layout of the gardens is very formal but works beautifully with the old house, all rectangles, squares and paths. It looks like the center garden has crushed seashells for its paths, which is a classic New England option (though not so easy on the feet/knees if you’re regularly gardening out there).

So beautiful.  Someone snap this one up if you’re looking for a place north of Boston!