Reupholstering Our Spool Chairs

At long, long last, I got the spool chairs we bought with the house reupholstered! My favorite parts, though, are the throw pillows. I’ve been in love with this fabric forever, and finally have the perfect room to use it in…

Here are the chairs before.

And here they are now!

My favorite thing about the throw pillow fabric is how the light blue, dark blue, pink and cream all work together in this room so well.  Please, please ignore the coffee table. It’s a vintage hand-me-down and is just too dark for the space. I am searching for something to replace it. In the meantime, at least my kids adore it. Most of the time it’s covered in Legos and blocks.

Because buying yardage of the Schumacher throw pillow fabric was so pricey (I could only find two yard minimum to buy, and those two yards cost more than double the seven yards I used for the chairs themselves!) I had these made from this seller on Etsy.

For the chair fabric, I chose a performance fabric since I decided to use a light color and I want it to wear and tear well, resist stains, etc. It is Mina Snow by Crypton, which I bought through Calico Corners. They have great sales, and I bought this on sale which is obviously great when you can swing it!

The fabric is white with a little bit of silver and a touch of brown. Honestly, it’s pretty miraculous how well it works with the woodwork paint (Farrow & Ball’s Light Blue), wall paint (Benjamin Moore’s Harwood Putty), the vintage rug, the navy sofa and especially the dark brown stain of the chairs themselves.

BUT, this is exactly why it took me so darn long to get these chairs reupholstered. It just took that long to find the right base fabric to work in this room!

I’m definitely working more with color in this house than I ever have before. I used to joke I only decorated with black, white and wood. If you look at 90% of rooms in magazines, blogs, whatever, you’ll see that plenty of designers do the same, with just a throw pillow here or there. Now that I’m in a more traditional space, I really appreciate the big ‘moments’ of color, like this all-blue room! Normally the cheapest thing in a room to change is paint, but this isn’t true when you have this much woodwork, believe me.

But, for these chairs, I’m back in my ‘white and wood’ wheelhouse and it feels pretty good…

I have reupholstered chairs like these before myself, which is why I knew I never, ever wanted to do it again. I like to sew, I like DIY, but upholstering something every few years is not the way to go. You need practice. So this time I hired a local reupholsterer to do it, and she did amazing work in about 1/100th the time it would’ve taken me. Money well spent, and now I know who to go to if I need something re-done!