New Chicks Have Landed!

After Foxmaggedon 2018, it was clear we’d want to replenish our flock with some new chickens, and we chose breeds that would add some color to our egg basket.

I love this photo. Looks like these chicks are hanging out at a baby chicken cocktail party.

We purchased Olive Eggers (who will, fingers crossed, lay green eggs), Cuckoo Marans and Black Copper Marans, who we hope will lay varying shades of chocolate brown eggs.

The Olive Eggers are the light brown chicks.

The Cuckoo Marans have the white spot on their heads.

And the Black Copper Marans have the all black heads.

I already have a theory that this little poopy fuzzball is a rooster, because he(?) is doing regular perimeter checks of the brooder, making a ton of noise, nipping and generally being a jerk to everyone.

Not to stereotype roosters or whatever, but … you can kind of stereotype roosters. Guess we’ll see!

They are so cute and little and easy to take care of at this age. It’s great.

And with any luck I won’t have to buy chicks at all next year – fingers crossed we won’t have the kind of attrition we did when we were free ranging!